Testimonial: The True Power of Pierre’s Healing Tactics

I’ve been getting balanced  for more than two years now and I’m a huge fan of the balanced water Pierre creates. I caught a stomach bug earlier this year, and immediately I contacted Pierre. I had more confidence that he could better advise me then any doctor. I went from a day of shivering, aches, vomiting and fever, to literally being able to get back to work with the virus almost out of my system 24 hours later.
He also used crystal healing and advised me to continue drinking the balanced water. I drank it hot, as a tea, as well as at room temperature. The next day, he instructed me to drink the sulfur powder he had given me. I dissolve it in the balanced water to further eliminate whatever virus I had from my system. This was the fastest recovery from a stomach virus I have ever had.
I workout at the gym and run four to five times a week. A normal side effect of my health regime is muscle pain and stiffness, both of which are a part of muscle recovery. Pierre had me spray the Magnesium chloride he had given me for major pains, and massage it directly on limbs. The treatment garnered great results.
In general, with the energy balancing and drinking the balanced water, the muscle stiffness has decreased greatly from what I used to get years ago.
I also purchased a loaded laser from Pierre to further help with muscle soreness or any aches & pains. After my wild success with his other health tactics, I was sold on his new idea for the laser right away. I did a test after returning from the gym, using it on only one side of my body. The powerful, healing effects of the laser were clear from the start and it has helped me in numerous ways.I can even balance food and drink with it. I take the laser with me on all overnight trips. I don’t want to be without it.
V. L.
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