Oliver & His Mother: A Testimonial

Pierre has made such a difference in my and my son Oliver’s lives.  When we first came to him over a year ago, my son was allergic to every food but meat.  He also had a lot of sensitivities to other things, such as the environment and chemicals, which would cause reactions such as having a hard time focusing, being hyper, biting and hitting.  I also would get hives all over as soon as I ate dairy, nuts or tomatoes.  I was recovering from Fibromyalgia but still had lingering symptoms that would not go away despite all of the alternative healing methods I tried.

I had to prepare every food we ate and it was becoming increasingly time consuming and difficult to fit into the schedule of a busy family.  Oliver also couldn’t enjoy normal kid functions or celebrations because the food there would totally derail him. We were always on guard to make sure he wasn’t eating an offending food.
Slowly over time, our allergies disappeared.  I no longer had hives and Oliver’s behavior changed.  He stopped getting rashes and was sleeping through the night.  It was totally miraculous.  Pierre was there every step of the way troubleshooting to help us heal. He also taught us how to dowse so that we can check what exactly is causing the allergy.
My son had a cough and runny nose that he had since being a baby.  Pierre suggested doing a parasite cleanse.  It was like a veil had been lifted from Oliver.  His cough and runny nose were gone.  Also, his teachers began to praise how good he was going in school.  He also went from drawing scribbles on a piece of paper to very elaborate drawings he did on his own after the cleanse.
I feel very fortunate to have Pierre in our lives.  He has put the power of our health back into our own hands and prevented us from having to take medication that would further harm us.
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Michele Heinrich
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