Energy Basics

Why we need to take charge of our own health – This link is to one article in a series about the nightmare of American medical health care costs:

Kinesology (muscle testing) is a tool to help us discover imbalances in our body. Kineseology is foundational to learning how to come up with scalar energy solutions.  6 well-spent educational minutes: YouTube video MuscleTesting with Ty from E-Motion Health

What I’ve learned throughout my years of practice:

  • Cancer in the human body always involves an emotional component from a traumatic experience
  • Cancer feeds first on negative energy/emotions, then sugar, low oxygen and/or an acid environment in the body
  • We are sensient emotional beings
  • Emotional blockages can prevent nutrition from working properly
  • If there is too much dysfunction/imbalance in a cell it will not open absorb even the best nutrition placed into the body
  • Emotional blockages shorten the life span, making it easier for us to suffer injuries, slow and even prevent the healing process in addition to weakening our overall life force
  • The cells and organs all hold onto memories of trauma even hereditary trauma
  • A person on the best diet and exercise plan can still easily get cancer or diabetes due to emotional blockage, dehydration, pathogens and viruses in the body, and EMF stress
  • When emotional issues are healed, physical issues often disappear as well
  • Our mental and emotional health problems stem from emotional indigestion which knocks our cells and organs out of balance
  • The more blockages removed, the stronger the person’s life-force energy will be, clearing emotional baggage, pathogens and toxins
  • Getting the human body rehydrated is a true path to health
  • A person’s false ideas/beliefs can create emotional and energetic blockages in the body
  • To experience true healing one must be willing to align with truth even if it means letting go of habits or traditions that do not serve you
  • Many people choose not to abandon false ideas and beliefs even when presented with truth, which means they themselves limit the degree of health their bodies can achieve


Disclaimer: All the information on this website is for informational purposes only. You should seek medical advice from a licensed professional. Pierre helps people balance energy and provides no medical treatment.

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  1. Nancy Jacobs says:

    How much is your service? Do you work remotely?

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