I am a very passionate concerned human being who through study, research and practice has come across amazing possibilities to help the human body heal itself that are all totally non-toxic, using super foods, energy work and educating people what items to remove from their life that are causing them issues in the first place. I have spent the last 10 years learning how to improve my own health and recently began helping people reclaim their own health.

I have come to the conclusion that energy work is the ultimate tool in helping the body heal itself. Many issues people suffer from are caused by things they cannot see like EMFs, GMOs WiFi and other energies. The human organism is an energetic being as well as physical.

Mainstream medicine does not want to acknowledge this in order to keep us locked in a paradigm that does not truly serve humanity. Listen to an interview I did on my practices with Blog Talk Radio. It starts at 35:00.

Here are some things I’ve learned through my practice:

  • Cancer in the human body always involves an emptional componet from trauma one has experienced
  • Cancer feeds first on negative energy/emotions, then sugar, low oxygen and/ or an acid environment in the body
  • We are sensitive emotional beings. Emotional blockages can prevent nutrition from working properly
  • If there is enough dysfunction/imbalance in a cell it wont open up to obtain even the best nutrition placed into the body
  • Emotional blockages shorten the life span, make it easier for us to suffer physical injuries, prevent/slow the speed of healing from injuries and weaken our overall life force
  • Diet cannot remove memory of emotional trauma from the and individual’s energy field
  • The cells and organs all hold onto memories of trauma even trauma from our ancestors/parents
  • A person on the best diet and exercise plan can still easily get cancer or diabetes due to emotional blockage, dehydration, pathogens and viruses in the body,and EMF stress placed on the body, When emotional blockages are removed
  • When emotional issues are healed, physical issues often disappear as well
  • All of our mental health and emotional health problems stem from emotional blockages, knocking cells and organs out of balance
  • The more blockages are removed, the stronger the person’s life force energy will be, clearing emotional baggage, pathogens and toxins
  • Getting the human body rehydrate is a true path to health, diet is not as important as people think
  • A person’s false ideas/beliefs can create emotional and energetic blockages in the human body
  • To experience true healing one must be willing to align with truth even if it means letting go  of things like religion or traditions that do not serve them
  • Many people choose not to abandon their false ideas and beliefs even when presented with truth, which means they limit the amount of health their bodies can achieve by getting back in


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