Post-Op Pain Relief

I had surgery October 12, 2012. I had a 7″ plate and 11 screws in my ankle. I was put to sleep during the surgery, of course, but I knew when I came out of surgery there would be pain. When I woke up and the pain-blocker went away, I was indeed in pain!

I’m a person that doesn’t like any form of pills. I remained in the hospital for three days after surgery, and once I was released I was prescribed oxycodone, which is a very strong narcotic that makes you feel really weird. I took them for the first week because the pain was unbearable. I was home I really bad pain on the 20th of October. I looked at my girlfriend and said, “I’m in terrible pain and I don’t want to take anymore of this medicine.” She suggested I call Pierre.

He gave me a crystal (which I honestly don’t know the full concept of) and told me to put it on everything that comes in contact with me, from clothes and shoes to my crutches. Then he gave me a case of water and told me to start off drinking about a half a bottle a day, and not to take any meds with it. And I could also put the bottle on my foot for pain as well.

I don’t really understand what was done to the water, but I haven’t taken any pain meds since the 20th of October to date, and haven’t felt a spot of pain. Period.

Erv Thomas

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