The New Healing: Six Paradigms

Modern medicine: A Faulty Paradigm

Modern medicine doesn’t work because its very premise is faulty: that germs or genes alone are responsible for illness and that our bodies are akin to complicated machines. Medicine is largely based upon the ‘germ theory’, which holds that most illness depends entirely on the invasion of bacteria and viruses.

Another weakness with modern medical theory is that it assumes that we all get ill in the same way – that all illness stems from the same cause, all illnesses act alike, and there is only a single method of curing them. So orthodox medicine conceives as illness wholly caused by the outside — in the form of an ‘invader’ — or inside – a fault in your DNA ‘programming’.

The New Healing: A New Paradigm
The New Healing works according to a new paradigm of the body. In this new model, the body is perceived as an energetic relationship — with consciousness, with its environment — and that illness is a disturbance of this relationship.

Paradigm No. 1: Our most fundamental property is not chemistry but energy
All subatomic particles are constantly trading information with their environment and being reshuffled in a dynamic pattern. Our universe contains an indeterminate and constantly shifting number of vibrating packets of energy constantly trading energy, form and even ultimate existence with a quantum sea of light.

According to quantum field theory the individual entity is transient and insubstantial and particles cannot be separated from the empty space around them. Although you appear the same at any given moment, fundamentally, you are an entirely new batch of subatomic energy with every breath you take. What we term a subatomic ‘particle’ is simply the seeking of a relationship in the space between a big web of energy and a little knot of energy.

Significance: You are not a discrete entity, but a collection of charged energy having a relationship with other charged energy.

New Paradigm No. 2: We are beings of light
In 1970, while investigating a cure for cancer, German physicist named Fritz-Albert Popp stumbled upon the fact that all living things, from single-celled plants to human beings, emit a tiny current of photons, or light, which he labeled ‘biophoton emissions”. Popp and some 40 other scientists around the globe, who have carried out more than thirty years of research on biophoton emissions, maintain that this faint radiation, rather than biochemistry, is the true conductor of all cellular processes in the body. They have discovered that biophoton emissions reside within the DNA of cells, setting off certain frequencies that are followed by other molecules of the body.

Popp soon recognized that he had he had uncovered the primary communication channel within a living organism, which uses light as a means of instantaneous, or ‘non-local’, global signaling. These light emissions also act as a communications system between living things. In experiments with a number of living organisms, including human beings, he discovered that individual living things absorb the light emitted from each other and send back wave interference patterns, as though they are having a conversation.

Significance: The light signaling in our body has a global, non-local effect. This is why medicine intended to target one area of the body ends up causing side effects in seemingly unrelated areas of the body. The human body is energy first all issues are energy issues not chemical issues

New paradigm No. 3: Cellular communication occurs through electromagnetic signaling

The work of the late French biologist Jacques Benveniste decisively demonstrates that cells don’t rely on the happenstance of collision but on electromagnetic signaling at low frequency (less than 20 kHz) electromagnetic waves.

According to Benveniste’s theory, two molecules are then tuned into each other, even at long distance, and resonate to the same frequency. These two resonating molecules would then create another frequency, which would then resonate with the next molecule or group of molecules, in the next stage of the biological reaction.

Significance: The central mechanism for cellular processes inside your body is frequency. Look up the dangers of EMFs they interfere with the ability of a humans cells and organs to communicate with itself.

New paradigm No 4: Your body and state of health is created outside of you –largely through external influence
The cytoplasm, or blob of jelly that makes up every cell in your body, is encased in a semi-permeable cell membrane, a triple layer of fat-like molecules containing a variety of protein molecules that act as little revolving doors for other molecules to enter or exit the cell. Whether or not a molecule gets through either partially or totally is entirely at the discretion of the membrane. Some of these gatekeeper proteins are called ‘receptors’, because they pick up external signals from other molecules. The membrane contains hundreds of thousands of these protein receptor switches, which possess the ability to regulate a cell’s function by switching a certain gene on or off.

But what prompts the turn of the switch is an environmental signal — from the air, water and food we consume, the toxins we’re exposed to, or even the people we surround ourselves with. This in turn affects the chemical coating, or methylation, of the DNA double helix, which is exquisitely sensitive to the environment, particularly in the early stages of life.

During this process, the methyl group — a quartet of atoms — attaches to a specific gene and sends it a message, either to silence it, to reduce its expression or in some way to alter its function.

The true controller of a gene and whether it is activated or not is one of the myriad of influences outside of our body. Diet, the quality of our air and water, the emotional climate of our family, the state of our relationships, our sense of fulfilment in life – the sum total of how we live our lives and also how our ancestors lived theirs —has the most to do with what is ultimately expressed by our genes.

Significance: Your health is a matter of your relationship with the sum total of your environment, not your genes. Illness is a failure to adapt to your environment, in whatever fashion.

New Paradigm No. 5: Emotion and thoughts — have physical effects: intentions, thoughts, feelings and even intuitive understanding can affect healing.
Science now realizes that thoughts and emotions are simply another form of energy in the body. The power of thought underpins many well-accepted disciplines in every reach of life, from orthodox and alternative medicine to competitive sport. Medical scientists often speak of the ‘placebo effect’ as an annoying impediment to the proof of the efficacy of a chemical agent. Nevertheless, the placebo works 60-70 percent of the time. Repeatedly, the mind has proved to be a far more powerful healer than the greatest of breakthrough drugs. Biofeedback, visualization and distant healing are all well-accepted demonstrations of the power of thought to heal.

Significance: Thoughts and emotions can have as powerful an effect on creating illness as physical changes or stressors, but they are also a powerful means to heal.

New Paradigm No. 6: Time and space may be an irrelevance
Retroactive prayer studies suggest that there may be violations of traditional cause and effect, that healing can be non-local over time as well as space, and that time and space may not operate in the linear fashion

What is illness?
Illness is a disturbance in the energy system within the body — such as between cells, or the energetic communication system between a living thing and its environment. In a sentence, it is the failure of a living thing to adapt to its environment.

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