On Modern Medicine: Powerful Quotes for Cancer and Other Patients

The inferior physician treats diseases; the superior physician teaches the well to remain well.
Nei Ching

It’s supposed to be a secret, but I’ll tell you anyway. We doctors do nothing. We only help and encourage the doctor within.
Albert Schweitzer, M.D.

In the field of modern medicine the only things you can count on are the upsetting effects of drugs and the doctors’ bills that accompany them.
Ross Horne
Modern Medicine is not a science. Doctors, medical researchers and drug companies like to persuade all present and potential consumers of health care that medicine is a science and has advanced far beyond the mystical incantations and witch doctor remedies of the past. But modern medicine is not a science and modern clinicians and medical researchers are not scientists. Modern clinicians may use scientific techniques but in the way that they treat their patients they are still quacks…Too many modern doctors neither cure nor care… The savage truth is that most medical research is organised, paid for, commissioned or subsidised by the drug industry (and the food, tobacco and alcohol industries). This type of research is designed, quite simply, to find evidence showing a new product is of commercial value… Three specific examples illustrate how medical techniques are adopted on a mass scale without doctors having any idea what is likely to happen to the patients who are involved… Ignorance has become commonplace in medical practice…
Dr. Vernon Coleman, M.D., D. Sc., author of 114 books with translations into 23 languages selling in over 50 countries

What hope is there for medical science to ever become a true science when the entire structure of medical knowledge is built around the idea that there is an entity called disease which can be expelled when the right drug is found?
John H. Tilden, M.D.

Modern medicine, the entire industry and social machinery of it is, at its root, a totalitarian system. By that, I mean that there is a central ideology that seeks to enforce its domination by methodically obstructing any ideas that run counter to it.
Paraphrasing Celia Farber

I was at one time a great lover of the medical profession… I no longer hold that opinion… Doctors have almost unhinged us… I regard the present system as black magic… Hospitals are institutions for propagating sin. Men take less care of their bodies and immorality increases… Ignoring the soul, the profession puts men at its mercy and contributes to the diminution of human dignity and self control… I have endeavoured to show that there is no real service of humanity in the profession, and that it is injurious to mankind… I believe that a multiplicity of hospitals is not a test of civilization. It is rather a symptom of decay.
From Mahatma Gandhi, “The Health Guide”, pages 5-10, 1965

We don’t say we know our doctors are good, we say we have faith in them. We trust them. Don’t think doctors aren’t aware of the difference. And don’t believe for a minute that they don’t play it for all it’s worth. Because what’s at stake is the whole ball game, the whole ninety per cent or more of Modern Medicine that we don’t need, that, as a matter of fact, is out to kill us. Modern Medicine can’t survive without our faith, because Modern Medicine is neither an art nor a science. It’s a religion.
Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.

Modern Medicine would rather you die using its remedies than live by using what physicians call “quackery”.
Dr Robert Mendelsohn, M.D.

“I am fond of telling doctor’s office employees in on this… Doctors are the ONLY professionals whose employees often refer to them without using the article “the,” as in, “Doctor will see you now,” or “Doctor is only in on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, between 9AM and 3PM.” There is NO OTHER PROFESSIONAL IN THE WORLD WHO DOES NOT GET A “THE” PUT IN FRONT OF HIS TITLE: “The Judge”, “The Professor”, “The General”, “The Officer”.

For mercy’s sakes, they even put “the” in front of “Pope”! In fact, GOD is the ONLY other Name I can think of that does not get a “the” in front of it! So, please, join with me in letting those silly people in doctor’s offices who say, “Doctor will see you now,” know that even THE POPE gets a “the” in front of his name, and that the ONLY Being Who doesn’t is GOD Himself! It will probably shock and annoy them, but that’s just fine! It will get them to THINK!”

E. Yudenfriend, who was cured of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a disease considered incurable by mainstream medicine

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