Bidding Adieu to the Voice Inside My Head

For as long as I can remember, I have had suicidal thoughts. I first attempted when I was 11, but thanks to the mildness of baby Tylenol, I am still here today.

My childhood was filled with a myriad of abuse-physical, mental, and emotional. It came from nearly every adult family member in my life, including my father, stepfather, and stepmother.

My struggles with depression and anxiety have taken many forms, but the primary and most awful was what I call “the voice.” At random parts of the day or night, and most often when I was tired, a voice would whisper horrible things to me. “Just give up. Jump in front of that bus and end it all now! The world will thank you.” This voice was ever-present, and its threats and insults would vary based on my surroundings. As I would relax with a mug of tea, I’d hear, “you should get up and take every pill in the bathroom. Life is ugly and not worth it.”

Since this voice was with me all the time, I learned to hear it but not listen. However, every day I struggled not to internalize it further. As my knowledge of energy healing grew, as did my trust in Pierre, I came to him and asked for help. He spent time connecting with my issues, and worked to balance me for at least 5 hours straight. As he did, I felt powerful forces inside my chest. The next night, I couldn’t sleep. I laid in bed for 8 hours, just staring at the ceiling. The next morning, feeling exhausted and utterly spent, I stopped my thoughts to listen for the voice. I expected something particularly nasty given how low I felt.

Much to my surprise, there was no answer. No more voice. Today, as I write this, I can proudly share that I haven’t heard the voice since the balancing. I feel absolutely liberated! I am so grateful to Pierre and the work he’s done. It has honestly changed my life.
Please contact me if you want to learn more about his work, or my experiences.

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