My experiences with the charged paper

I was recently visiting NYC and luckily had a chance to catch up with Pierre after a whole year of travels! I live in a European city that is both notoriously expensive and has notoriously low-quality water. While I was in New York, Pierre told me all about his newest creation, the charged paper. Firstly, not only is the charged paper a whole lot less socially embarrassing to use while out eating and drinking, I came up with a creative way to help it balance my totally crappy water sources.

I recently went to buy new Brita filters and thought twice about paying the 30.50€ for a six-pack. Instead, I came home and dowsed. I taped pieces of paper to the faucets in all my water outlets in my apartment and dowsed that the water coming out of them would be balanced. Low and behold, it’s a world of better-tasting shower water! And I just taped a piece of the charged paper to the bottom of my Brita.

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  2. Stephanie says:

    There’s so much I could say about the work you do but to start I’ll just say you changed my life and you changed my family’s life so, thank you.
    Back in April my dad wasn’t doing well at all. In fact, he was put in hospice at home for end of life care. If you don’t know much about hospice, it’s for when a person is in the final stages of life and it’s mainly to manage the pain and to ensure the most comfort for a person’s last days. This is a process I’ve gone through twice before, once with my grandmother and then a few years ago with my mother. We were given support to help him with his comfort and advised to get his finances and the house in order to prepare for his probable soon passing. I told you about this and you offered to balance him. I saw it as my last hope and felt it couldn’t hurt so I asked my dad for permission to let you do this. My dad didn’t really understand how it could work especially since he was in Chicago and we were in New York, but agreed. I gave you a picture to do your work and you did. It was truly amazing because you simply you sent an email with all of the things you had balanced remotely for him and suggested he also drink the charged water. What happened next is what blew us all away! He started to recover!!! It’s now January, nine months later and he’s doing well. He’s no longer under the care of hospice and doctor’s are still amazed and cannot explain the turnaround. To traditional medicine, it’s simply miraculous (my words, not their’s). He’s not 100% better but we’re no longer preparing for his passing. There are no words to thank you enough for what you’ve done for my dad and for my family.
    Another, unrelated way you changed my life is the balancing you did for me, my fiance, and my dog. I had eleven kidney stones and the balancing you did made them go away. With no pain at all!!! All I know is they’re not there. In terms of my fiance, she has had a terrible time with her digestive system and is feeling so much better. Our dog had two surgeries within months of each other and he, too, hasn’t had issues since you balanced him. Again, I can’t thank you enough and although I have a better understanding of energy work, it still sometimes amazes me that you were able to do so much simply through pictures.
    I Look forward to seeing how you continue to change people’s lives. The work you do is truly a godsend and I fully support you. If there’s anyway that I can support your work,I will. I also look forward to continuing to work with you in terms of balancing my emotional traumas as I well know how our past emotional traumas (deaths, love lost, big disappointments, and the devastating job society can do on the psyche) can make a sicker than physical. I want to be my healthiest self for me and those I love and care for. This entire process has been amazing and frankly, at times, I’m still in awe. Pierre, thank you for the work you do.

    Love and peace,
    Stephanie Blanch

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