Healing Pets

My dog, a Beagle mix, had surgery on his front leg in March of this year. His leg had to be re-broken and plated. The first week he came home, he was lethargic and in some pain due to the surgery.

I have been working on a number of personal health issues on me and my dog with Pierre. When he heard of the surgery, he suggested I offer the dog the energy-loaded water. Pierre also recommended that I consume the same water on a regular basis. He suggests drinking the loaded water to significantly improve hydration, which helps eliminate toxins and speed recovery time and healing.

Right away, I noticed how much of the water my dog was drinking. Having a bowl with the hydrated water in one location and a bowl with the regular tap water in another location, I would notice he would go out of his way to drink the loaded water.  I also noticed he was drinking a lot more water than his usual amount. Every few hours I found the bowl was licked dry and had to be re-filled; especially in the first week or so after the surgery. I even tried conducting a taste test where I would put two of the same bowls next to each other; one with the loaded water and one with tap water. Every time, he preferred to drink the loaded water.

Pierre also suggested it would help his recovery and the swelling and calcification caused from the injury and surgery. His leg did improve and seemed to get stronger every day.

I continue to drink the loaded water, because personally I find it gives me more energy and feel my skin appears better hydrated. After not drinking the water for a period of time, I notice I get an insatiable thirst that I can’t seem to quench. The best part is that Pierre is able to load the water remotely which makes obtaining the water effortless.

Personally I have been dowsing on and off for 5 years and am able to confirm Pierre’s effectiveness.  I’m glad to have been acquainted with his expertise.

Jamie-Lee Nix and Benny the Beagle

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