Healing the Pains of Being Human

I come from a fairly extensive background in energy work, and prayed for a solution that came cloaked as Pierre Andre. Beyond the amazing work Pierre does, his pure, honest and straightforward manner of approaching life alone will change your mind about humanity.

Pierre managed to remove the herpes simplex virus from its terminal slumber in my spinal cord. He stopped food allergies, helped relieve and slowly reduce hemorrhoids and has left me with a remarkably even emotional keel. I have been known to fly off the handle my entire life. I acquired an auto-immune disorder as a young child, and after 30 years of living within the limitations of a body corrupted to the extent that it constantly attacked itself, I am suddenly free of its shackles. I am healthy.

My body does its own healing bidding, for the first time in so long. My hair is back to the curl it had when I was five.  My jogger’s knees no longer hurt. I have been a runner for 22 years and was hit by a car 10 years ago, leaving me with a fair amount of pain in the ligaments around my knees.

The water heals topically as well as internally. It helps cuts and acne heal in half the time. It helps burns and scrapes do the same. It is impossible to constipated in its care. It will remedy anything you want it to remedy, really. The nature of energy is infinite. All you have to do is want to heal, and the water will help you heal anything you set your heart and mind to. The magnesium oil has also been extremely helpful. It not only ensures a divine night’s sleep, I wake up feeling energized and excited about life. Pierre can also broadcast the oil remotely, which not only feels absolutely amazing but heals your body in unimaginable ways.

Pierre restores allot more than your physical health. He is a living embodiment of truth. The only obstacle that there is in being healed by this system is your relationship with the truth about yourself. But your timeline is your own, so heal according to your own truth. The idea of radionics is that it not only balances your body and removes toxicity from it; it also helps your body heal itself through hydration. That idea is the most basic truth of humanity. Water is life. And that idea alone is what attracted me to the work. And the work, above all things, works. -Anonymous 


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