The Benefits of Super-Hydrating Water and Body Balancing

Since I’ve been drinking the hydrating water, immediately I noticed a settling of my stomach which I’ve had issues with for years. I wake up every day with an acidic feeling in my stomach which immediately clears out after drinking the hydrating water unlike regular water. It also encourages bathroom use and clearing out what waste has been kept inside very quickly.

I often have had fatigue issues and don’t always get the proper amount of sleep, like many adults. Since I’ve been drinking the water, I am not as fatigued during the day as I would have been without it. I have also been a morning coffee-drinker, and for some reason if I’m rushing and don’t finish, I still feel OK. In the past, I would’ve been very sluggish if I did not have enough caffeine. I especially love the water after a run, or working out at the gym. It makes me feel great!

I make sure to bring it on vacation, which I have done several times so far because I don’t want to be without it. I like to call it “magic water.”

With the balancing in general, I have noticed many things. Besides feeling more energetic, I have had smoother, less painful periods and less hormonal acne, which had plagued me for years. My emotions have also calmed (PMS) during this time.

Thankfully I haven’t gotten sick in a long time, and I truly believe Pierre’s work has contributed immensely to all successes. I’ve also had pain in my feet removed from the balancing, which was probably calcium build up. Pierre has also recommended magnesium chloride, which I have sprayed on sore muscles and on the bottoms of my feet. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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