My experience with the water has been life-changing. It has been a long journey. When I first started to drink the water, I could only handle it in very small amounts, but it instantly gave me an energy and alertness that I never had. My mind has more clarity, I’m more productive, and my energy level is much higher. The water has also helped to balance my hormones. These results have only increased as I slowly increased my intake over time. I see an immediate difference on days when I am not able to drink the water.

I also have been using magnesium oil, at Pierre’s suggestion. I primarily use it to aid with restful sleep, to soothe muscle aches, and I have only brushed my teeth with a combination of magnesium oil and baking soda for a long time. Again, it has been a slow process for my body to get used to larger amounts of magnesium oil, but that is only because I was greatly deficient in magnesium when I started using it. In the beginning, it would make my skin itchy, but that decreased after a short while. Now, I am able to use it with ease. I have seen the most significant changes using the magnesium oil that Pierre makes. When rubbed on my stomach before sleeping, it makes me feel completely relaxed (in the beginning, almost to the point where it was hard to wake up in the morning!). It also diminishes muscle aches and soreness after a workout or a particularly strenuous day of activity. The reason I only brush my teeth with magnesium oil and baking soda is that nothing has ever made them as white or feel as clean.

Combined with the water and magnesium oil, I have had energy balancing. I have seen significant changes with the byp balancing. I no longer need anywhere near the same amount of sleep to feel energized in the morning. Drinking the water, I saw small changes in my need for sleep, but with byp it’s much more obvious. Where I used to need 7-8 hours to feel productive, I now can feel the same energy on 5 hours of sleep. I have also seen changes in my strength level. Work outs at the gym are much easier, and I do not have to go as much to get the same results.

After initial, significant detoxing effects, I now feel much more emotionally balanced. This has been the area that has always been a major problem for me before working with Pierre. Finally with BYP, I feel that I am achieving a happiness and calmness within myself that has been missing for a long time. I no longer have large swings in my emotions and am able to react to stressful situations less emotionally. I know that I still have a long way to go with my journey, but seeing the results that drinking the water and energy balancing has given me so far makes me extremely excited and grateful for the new emotional, physical, and spiritual path that is possible to achieve. -Anonymous

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