Loaded Crystals Available

All of the crystals are only to balance the body and/or specific organs or conditions so the body can heal itself. The crystals can be worn on your body, place under your pillow,  introduced to a glass of drinking water for 15 seconds, placed on a dried blood sample, or placed on a picture of you, Crystals can be loaded to protect a whole home or business,


  1A Endocrine-Hormones

  1B Nervous System

I also have a small card to be placed on a cell phone battery to make using a phone 100 percent non-toxic.

The following loaded crystals when identified The crystals are  from  many sources that could include 10-1000 frequencies.  The intensities of the crystals will hold for over  a year usually more,

  1. Cold————
  2. Lower back——————
  3. Feet, ankle and nerves
  4. Knee
  5. Thigh
  6. Leg and nerves
  7. Lung and Heart
  8. Planatary—
  9. Star Wars—-
  10. Cell Salts (aid for body ph)——————-
  11. Edema——- Swelling in the ankles
  12. Eyes——————
  13. Ears
  14. Mouth & Throat
  15. Six Organ Support (lungs, heart, spleen, colon,—————-
  16. Body Prep   (o)——
  17. Spine——
  18. Flu——–
  19. Bunion
  20. Lymes (4 different Crystals included as one)——-
  21. Detox——————  remove poisons out the body heavy metals, pesticides etc.
  22. Severe Injury (o)———-
  23. Male Enhancement—————
  24. Female Enhancement————–
  25. Cancer
  26. Cancer (O)
  27. Brain——
  28. Sleep——
  29. Emotions——
  30. Big 3  (O)
  31. Stick—–increase dowsing ability
  32. Radiation——– protection
  33. Parasites——–
  34. Break-Up (0)—dissolve plaque/Kidney stones
  35. Osteo and Rheumatoid Arithritis
  36. 36.  GMO – Fungus – Molds———– removal
  37. Mind Clarity (0)
  38. Diabetes (0)
  39. Diabetes—
  40. Pain———————
  41. Bronchial
  42. Block All Negative Frequencies- helps with stress
  43. Menstrual—————–
  44. Hand-Wrist-Arm
  45. Headache
  46. Constipation————————
  47. Emotions of Subconscious (0)
  48. Reduce Prostate
  49. Prostate Cancer
  50. Inhalant Allergies
  51. Depression———————–
  52. Ulcers
  53. Stem cells
  54. Deep emotional trauma
  55. Weight loss
  56. Power immune- mix of herbal frequencies
  57. Strauss Kidney- Support/Blood pressure
  58. Bladder balance
  59. Lower back muscles and nerves
  60. Chlorella
  61. Vitamins/Minerals/Amino acids/Enzymes
  62. Mycoplasma (o)- to remove it from the body
  63. Lupus
  64. Sports aka Hercules- Used for increase endurance, accuracy, power speed, lung capacity, oxygen intake etc anything sport related gets a boost in the body
  65. Memory– increase by 51%
  66. Reverse aging aka- Snail– Slows down everything involved in the aging process even slows down the rate of dehydration
  67. Psychic Boost, aka Third Eye, increases intuition, abundance, positivity and wealth boost
  68. Lucky– Brings good things and people your way, and blocks curses from affecting you
  69. EMF PROTECT– Blocks 100% of harmful emf and WiFi frequencies
  70. Heart Math– causes coherence in the hearts energy field 94% effective 99% effective with a spider, reduces emotional stress by 49%  and 73% with a spider
  71. Ultima– full spectrum super food frequencies to reduce appetite and vitamin needs
  72. Bug off– Keeps bugs away bed bugs mosquitoes, roaches, mice etc.
  73. Snail– Slows down the aging process
  74. Brainstorm– Intelligence and creativity boost
  75. Path Seeker– Spiritual growth crystal, to help a person seek truth
  76. Morgless– Removes morgellons from the body
  77. DNA builder– fix damaged DNA do to disease and toxicity
  78. Dream chaser– Helps increase motivation and inspiration
  79. Love Amp– Increase the power of prayer by 600% amplifies all good emotions. Does not amplify negativity.
  80. Oxygen– 2 different oxygen crystals to increase the amount of oxygen breathed in
  81. Food Balancer– makes all food and drink alkaline, turns on 100percent of enzymes in all food even cooked food, removes all gmos, pathogens, herbicides, pesticides, blocks 85% of calories in food and drink
  82. Vanisher– direct pain relief crystal
  83. Omega 3– made from the energy of squid oil
  84. Dream Chaser- boost motivation and inspiration
  85. Liver repair– made from liver product to nourish and rebuild the liver
  86. MSM– made from the best source of organic sulfur
  87. HGH Plus– made from a powerful HGH product*More to come, and please inquire for prices as well as some crystals not listed here.
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