Theory of Energy Medicine

All energy healing methods postulate the existence of invisible fields of energy that permeate and may even create or maintain our bodies.  These fields go by various names including the chakra system, the aura, the acupuncture meridians, the channel system, vital force, chi, qi, the odic force, orgone energy and others.  Enhancing, balancing, or otherwise altering these fields or frequencies of energy is the key to all energetic healing methods.

Most or all methods of energy balancing share certain principles.  These are very important principles of subtle energy concerning not only our bodies, but our physical dimension of reality, in general.  They include:

1. Subtle energies are real, and reflect and affect our health.

2. Subtle energies actually create our physical bodies.  Therefore, subtle energy balanicng may address the causes of illness at deep levels.

3. The intensity, quality, and balance of the body’s energies can be altered by human contact, machines, remedies of various kinds, movements, breathing, and even one’s thoughts and attitudes.

4. Another human being can be used to direct or balance energies, to absorb or broadcast energies, or to act as a “jumper cable” to connect energetic points on the body.

5. Resonance, induction and entrainment are among the most important concepts in energetic healing.

6. Resonance just means a rapport or harmony that can be established between two energies, two frequencies, two locations or two individuals.  Resonance is nothing more than rapport or harmony in some way.

7. Induction is the concept that a frequency or energy sent out by one person, remedy, substance or machine can cause or induce a similar pattern in another location, person or substance.

8. Entrainment is a fascinating process whereby one person first establishes a resonance or rapport or harmony with another person.  Then the first person alters his or her energy in order to effect change in the other. Entrainment is used widely in hypnosis, psychotherapy, manipulative sales pitches, advertising, music and everywhere in society. It is the basic technique of establishing rapport and then influencing or manipulating the mind, body or energies of another person.
Entrainment is also used in nature or biology to keep the young away from danger by having them entrain or follow their parents, for example.
9. Distance or location is not a barrier for energetic healing, since the energies permeate all space.  Treatments of certain kinds such as prayer may be done hands on, at a distance, mentally, or even using a surrogate to test remedies and to test frequencies.  Some of the sciences use an object from the patient, such as a photograph, or sample of hair or blood.

10. It is most helpful for the client to be receptive to the treatment.  No healing takes place unless the client wishes it to be so, whether or not healer and client  are aware of it.

11. There are layers of energetic imbalances. While some energy medicine sciences suggest that one treatment is enough, most suggest a number of sessions to work through layers of imbalanced energies.

12. Most energetic healing methods blend physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual healing together to some degree.  Unlike conventional medical science that often tries to separate these, the energetic medical arts often see them as interdependent. by Doctor Wilson
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